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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

To provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all, please follow the below:

Safety Regulations

Skating without helmet, elbow pads & knee pads are not recommended
Stay in designated areas while wearing skates and keep the skates off the brick and concrete walls
An adult must accompany children under age of 12

For your safety and safety of others:

No camel spins, reckless skating or speed skating
No skating against flow of traffic
Do not play tag on ice and public circulation area
Chain skating is not permitted (3 people or more)
No sitting or climbing on protective rails
No mobile phones, cameras or other electronic devices on ice
No pets on the ice
No activities on ice during ice resurfacing
No snowballs or playing with the scraped ice
No use of hockey sticks, pucks or balls without authorization

Our rink is for skating only:

No one is allowed to use the ice rink under the influence of alcohol or drugs
No food, beverage or breakable objects are allowed on the rink
No chewing or smoking allowed on rink or in rink area
Report all incidences or accidents to rink staff immediately
We reserve the right to interrupt skating sessions for ice resurfacing
We reserve the right to discontinue your session due to reckless behavior
Spectators and participants assume all inherent risks and responsibilities while participating in ice skating

Neither the owner, the management nor any staff of LOHAS Rink Ltd. shall be responsible for the loss, theft or damage to, any property or valuable belongings of any skater or visitor

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