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Figure Skating

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Beginners will get a taste of the fun and excitement of skating while seasoned players can challenge themselves to reach new heights.

You certainly admire skaters for their beautiful and graceful performances. So, why not put on a pair of skates yourself and experience the joy and freedom of gliding on ice. Professional coaches are here to teach everyone basic skating skills and how to maintain proper balance.

Moving up to the next level, you can learn how to improve and enhance your figure skating skills as well as take part in various competitions to bolster self-confidence. Go ahead…show them your stuff on the ice!

Based on a globally applied course of instruction from the Ice Skating Institute Asia (ISIAsia) and International Skating Union (ISU), LOHAS Rink offers a diverse range of skating training from FUNdamental courses for beginners to specific skills training for advanced skaters. Learners are also invited to participate in a host of competitions and performances to realise each person’s full potential.

A team of professional coaches is on hand as well offering group, semi-private and one-on-one training programmes for learners at all levels. The entire course comprises five, 30-minute classes.

Price List

30 minutes Figure Skating Course

* Weekend and Public Holiday: Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays, School Holidays and Summer Holidays

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  • Enrollment and course payment must be completed at least 1 day in advance before the 1 st lesson of the course. Otherwise, student will not be arranged to any lessons.
  • Settled payment is non-refundable if lessons/courses are confirmed and registered at the skating school.
  • The rules and procedures for Personal/Sick Leave listed on the registration form apply to students of Private/Semi-Private lessons. No make-up class will be arranged for students who do not comply with the rules. Leave application is not accepted for all Group/Holiday/Trial classes. Thank you for your attention!
  • All rescheduled lessons/make-up classes must be completed within a total of six weeks with the approval of the School.
  • In case Typhoon Signal No.8 above or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is hoisted, the lesson started shall be continued. Otherwise, all lessons shall be postponed by 1 week. Under the agreement between the School, the coach and the student, lesson can still be conducted within 2 hours from the time typhoon signal or rainstorm warning is hoisted.
  • All lessons shall be cancelled if Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above or Black Rainstorm Warning is hoisted before 9am. Lessons will restart 2 hours after Typhoon Signal No. 8 or Black Rainstorm Warning is lowered.


  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before lesson starts. No make-up class will be offered for latecomer.
  • Students must bring along the Registered Student Card for lesson check-in and entry ticket.
  • Each student and one parent or guardian must bring along with the Registered Student Card for lesson check-in and entry ticket. Each student is allowed to register one Student Card and one Parent Card ONLY.
  • Students must enter the ice rink with their Registered Student Card. An administrative fee of HKD50 will be charged for lesson check-in and entry ticket.
  • Parents or guardians are allowed to enter the rink once during the respective session of students’ lesson time.
  • Please bring along with the Registered Parent Card for entry ticket. The purpose of Parent Card is for parents or guardians to take care of the students. Please note that parents or guardians are not allowed to use any facilities in the rink (except washroom). In case of misuse of facilities, the Parent Card will be terminated and result in disqualification of the application in the future.


  • Please read carefully the Enrolment Information and Course REGULATIONS before your enrolment.
  • Since accidents may occur during all recreational activities, interested parties should therefore take the above into full consideration before enrolment.
  • Personal data collection statement: The personal data will only be used for the purpose to process applications for the stated course(s).
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