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Born on the frozen lakes and rivers of Canada, ice hockey is a popular Winter Olympics event and one of the four major professional sports leagues in North America. On the other side of the earth, many people here are also fond of all the exciting fast action ice hockey provides.

The split-second physical dexterity and response required in ice hockey is unparallel among all major ball games. There is a strong emphasis on a player’s balance, physical strength and explosive force as well as the coordination of strategies and teamwork.

LOHAS Rink offers a world-class ice hockey course syllabus to help guide learners on how to develop step-by- step the skills of holding, passing and shooting the puck while gliding on the ice. You may also try the games introduced by the Swedish Ice Hockey Association. Fundamental courses are available for beginners while more advanced learners can sign up for specific training to upgrade a wide array of skill sets. The most promising players may get the chance to show off their abilities in local or even overseas tournaments.

LOHAS Rink provides a newly equipped, safe learning environment for players to participate in all types of ice hockey training and competitive games.

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45 minutes Ice Hockey Course

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